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Kerr & Wagstaffe

Kerr & WagstafeeKerr & Wagstaffe
is a law firm based in San Francisco, California, designed to provide unmatched legal representation. Their attorneys are well trained and prepared to tackle cases that touch on many types of law. The firm’s mission is to bring a diverse background of talent and education to provide the most thorough and flexible representation available.

Key Principles

Working with Kerr & Wagstaffe means working with solid values and ethics. The firm applies five basic, but vital, principles to its work:

  • Integrity
  • Client Value
  • Teamwork
  • Client Services
  • Quality


In under a decade, Kerr & Wagstaffe has become a premier force in law services. Since its inception, the group has led to an impressive firm that handles a variety of cases across the board. Serving the Northern California community, the firm offers a unique versatility that can help prepare and represent your case on many different levels.


Established as a preeminent litigation and appellate firm, it has attracted attorneys that share the cornerstone ethics, commitment and professionalism. Using these values, they are able to confidently represent both plaintiffs and defendants.

Clients can have their cases handled at both the trial and appellate levels. If you’re curious about the types of clients they represent, here is a list that touches all along the spectrum:

  • Individuals
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Start-up/closely-held business ventures
  • Judges
  • Other law firms
  • Public entities

Practice Areas

One of the most unique features of Kerr & Wagstaffe is that it can represent cases in multiple practice areas. While some firms focus on just a few or even just one type of law, this firm is able to use its team’s diversity to proudly cover over ten types of law:

  1. Appellate:  For those who wish to appeal on a state or federal level.
  2. Class Action:  For those who are collective group of consumers or employees needing representation against a large company.
  3. Complex Commercial Litigation:  For plaintiffs or defendants who need assistance in areas such as antitrust and unfair competition, investor rights and partnership disputes.
  4. Constitutional Law:  For those who need an organization that knows the ins and outs of precedent and policy to appropriately found claims or defenses.
  5. Consumer Rights: For individuals who feel a business has harmed you.
  6. Defamation: For individuals or companies whose reputation has been damaged by particular statements.
  7. Employee Rights: For individual employees of a company, that feel they were taken advantage of in areas like compensation, discrimination and right-to-work situations.
  8. Environmental: For individuals, businesses, governments or environmental groups who need representation arising under the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, or the California Environmental Quality Act.
  9. First Amendment/Anti-SLAPP: For individuals or businesses seeking substantial experience to consult and litigate on your behalf, concerning the protection of your First Amendment rights.
  10. Government Law: For local governments or agencies that need representation in cases concerning governmental immunities, constitutional law, land use litigation, or complex inter-agency disputes.
  11. Insurance Policyholder Rights: For a business or an individual that feels they were treated unfairly by your insurance provider.
  12. Intellectual Property: For those who need intellectual property litigation covering areas like patent, copyright, and trademark law.
  13. Probate and Trust Litigation: For those involved in a case concerning disputed assets.
  14. Wrongful Death/Victims’ Rights: For those whose way of life was altered due to death or a critical injury.

Working in these practice areas, the Kerr & Wagstaffe team has taken part in many notable cases. The firm has even set precedent for relevant cases.


The firm’s team is comprised of several individuals who have received their law education from distinguished law schools. Together, they offer decades of experience that provides a consistent timeline of success on the appellate and trial levels. Many of these attorneys have clerked for federal judges. That experience provides the firm professionals that know every side of the court system.

While varied in their background, the attorneys work together to provide service that is beyond compare. The group features both seasoned lawyers and those with recent education. These backgrounds enable them to tackle cases with a witnessed experience of law history as well as knowledge of modern developments.

The attorneys have a strong commitment to giving back to the community as well as fellow lawyers and law students. Their contributions include several notable publications on law, as well as leading seminars and delivering speeches on key topics.

Many of these professionals currently teach at major law schools found in the San Francisco area:

  • Stanford
  • UC Berkeley
  • University of San Francisco
  • UC Hastings College of the Law

Kerr & Wagstaffe Partners

H. Sinclair Kerr, Jr. is co-founder of the firm, participating in trial and appellate litigation. His focus remains on complex commercial litigation as well as class action suits. Having tried over 100 cases in federal and state court, Kerr is prepared to represent both individuals and companies.

Kerr is a well-respected attorney who has earned a place among the top 5% of lawyers in Northern California. This success has been recognized by the 2005-2009 list of Northern California Super Lawyers.

Ivo Labar is a specialist in several areas of law, including class action representation, victim’s rights and first amendment law. Through his dedication and hard work, Labar has successfully assisted clients in reaching settlements in excess of $25 million. He is also a graduate of Hastings and a contributing editor of Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial, a best-selling practice guide under The Rutter Group.

James M. Wagstaffe is a highly-regarded attorney who co-founded the organization alongside Kerr. Wagstaffe offers experience that contains a strong resume of published and Westlaw cases. He is a part of the cutting edge litigation associated with his firm, including its notable work representing the Australian government and its litigation over WiFi patents.

Other Kerr & Wagstaffe partners contribute to the development and success of the company. Although the firm follows a scrupulous hiring process, its high standards have built the well-rounded and dedicated staff of Kerr & Wagstaffe associates. Unlike firms that follow the path of least resistance, Kerr & Wagstaffe LLP is able to offer strong representation for high-value and high-risk cases.

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